We invite you to participate in the

International Environmental Conference between May 19-20, 2022:

“Not just eight (countries) use the Black Sea”


Our project “Leave your Environmentalist spirit online for the Black Sea Basin – Spirit BSB online” realized through the Joint Operational Program “Black Sea Basin” 2014 – 2020 aims to investigate all possible sources of pollution of the Black Sea Basin; For this purpose we have established an Extended Black Sea Basin comprising 17 countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Bulgaria) with rivers and streams (Danube, Dniester, Dnieper, Don, Rioni, Kizil-Irmac, Chorokhi, Sakarya, Yesil-Irmak, Kodori) flowing into the Black Sea. The rivers in the Extended Black Sea Basin are true “highways” for collecting all pollutant emissions and accidental discharges with a final destination, the Black Sea.

Therefore, not only 8 riparian countries use and therefore bring their pollution impact on the Black Sea. But all areas in the 17 countries crossed and served by polluting highways bring a significant impact on the state of the Black Sea environment.

Consequently, not only the 8 riparian countries must participate in the protection of the Black Sea. But all areas and all actors in the 17 countries located within the extended Black Sea Basin must actively contribute to the protection of the Black Sea, because they also use it to a large extent.

We want to sound the alarm and hold decision-makers, environmental authorities, scientists, environmental NGOs, citizens accountable for raising awareness.

You can find our official leaflet as pdf and download it.

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To submit your abstract please follow the steps from registration form below.

The paper must contain at least 3 and a half pages in English, contain the abstract, tables, suggestive images, according to the topic, and the font of the text must be Trebuchet MS, and the size of 11. Please name the file constanta_YourFullName” e.g. constanta2022_JohnSmith.pdf”. The abstracts can be submitted electronically via the specific form no later than 14th April 2022.

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Registration form for the international conference

Topics of the Conference

-Black Sea Pollution;

-Sources of pollution of the Black Sea;

-Legislation and measures to protect the Black Sea Basin;

-The extended Black Sea basin and the main polluters;

-Over exploitation of Black Sea resources

-Fishing and pollution in the Black Sea;

-Biodiversity and pollution of the Black Sea Basin;

Participation is free and a limited number of accommodations at Hotel Oxford Mamaia, will be provided free of charge.

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Organizing committee

  • President: DR. Nastac Maria, scientific researcher gr.1, ECOM;
  • Scientific Secretary: Alina Resteanu, lawyer, scientific researcher, ECOM;

Members of ECOM:

  • Raul Giuglea, IT Specialist;
  • Andreea Perețeanu, Financial Coordinator;
  • Camelia Franț, Campaign and PR specialist;
  • Alexandru Muntoiu, professor, ECOWATCH.