The last situation of Port Pollution in the Black Sea

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      Fatma Sezen Katranci

      Marine ports in the Black Sea are major hubs of economic activity and major sources of pollution. Enormous ships with engines running on the dirtiest fuel available, thousands of diesel truck visits per day, mile-long diesel locomotives hauling cargo and other polluting equipment, and activities at marine ports cause an array of environmental impacts that can seriously affect local communities and the environment. These impacts range from increased risk of illness, such as respiratory disease or cancer, to increases in regional smog, degradation of water quality, and the blight of local communities and public lands.

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      Emel Saral

      Of District Women’s Movement Association will follow the issue for families who make their living from fishing.

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      Yuksel Çoruh

      Seaport activities in the Black Sea are polluting the sea with each passing day.It has become a threat to our whole life, especially our health.

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      Sedat Çifçi

      Unfortunately, port operation, ship traffic, ship discharges and emissions, spills and leaks from ships; and cargo-related factors such as cargo handling and storage, handling equipment, hazardous materials, offshore industrial discharges, and ground transportation to and from port, pollute seawater

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      Salih Saral

      Waste from towns and cities, farms and factories flow into the Black Sea; some come directly from the coast, but most flows relentlessly from the region’s major rivers.I think the mass fish deaths in the streams are the main proof of this pollution.

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      ömer akyüz

      I believe port operations have a significant impact on water quality and the health of marine life.

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      gokdeniz kol

      Ships periodically release sewage, wastewater and bilge water, which is wastewater that is often contaminated with oil. Discharges are regulated by federal, state and local governments, including port authorities. I don’t believe this situation can be controlled.

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      Ülfer karaca

      Oil contamination can include chronic pollution from runoff, bilge water, and the loading and unloading of oil tankers, as well as larger spills resulting from overfilling tanker ships or tears in a ship’s hull.

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      Meliha Akyüz

      Oil pollution is the most easily observed pollution.

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      eren meriç

      Leaching of toxic paint additives, meant to prevent barnacles from clinging to ships, can result in health impacts on marine life.

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      murat özkanca

      Exposure to air pollution associated with emissions from diesel engines can contribute to significant health problems

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      bahri azaklı

      Nitrogen is the leading cause of eutrophication in marine systems, where algae blooms use up oxygen in the water and cause fish and shellfish to die

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      yağmur kapıcıoğlu

      Air pollution is a significant concern at port facilities

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      hayreettin saygın

      Maritime transport unfortunately still has adverse effects on the marine environment, including air pollution; greenhouse gas emissions; releases of ballast water containing invasive aquatic species; historical use of antifoulants; oil and chemical spills; dry bulk bulletins

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