ECOM - Romania

Alina Resteanu

Project Coordinator

Tenacity, high sense of justice and responsibility, positive and very active professionally

Maria Năstac

President of ECOM

I identify myself tenacious, professionally pretentious, honest and optimistic person.

Raul Giuglea

IT Manager

My greatest strengths are my initiative, energy and determination. I add dynamism and team spirit to any endeavor. My personality and broad experience will always give the expected boost to the team or the company.

Camelia Franț

Campaign and PR specialist

The most important thing to build a future is to surround yourself with people who have the same values as you, respect, integrity, performance, clarity, and joy.

Andreea Perețeanu

Financial Coordinator

I always tried to learn new things to evolve professionally.

Alexandru Muntoiu

Environmental consultant

In love with the environment, nature, the community; always looking for solutions

Raul Hangu

Project assistant

Sinop University - Turkey

Serdar Yener

Project manager

We have a responsibility as other members of society about environment.This Project and team are the suitable way to accomplish this duty. Happy to be here.

Sultan Salur

IT Specialist

Showing my capability and other features in an important activity like this Project is impressing. We are working for the sake of the environment.

Derya Tabiloğlu

Financial Manager

Happy to have chance in an initiative which is important fort he all members of society. We are making differrence with environment friendly strategies thanks to all members of society.

Eda Yldiz

Project Assistant

Different but astonishing experience makes me work harder. I hope we can make difference in minds of new generations.

Chamber of Agriculture - Turkey

Fatma Sezen Katrancı

Project manager

Success is a habit. Success is our path with discipline, correct action plan and well-organized teammates. Come let's walk along that road.

Merve Akyüz

Campaign and PR specialist

I use all my energy for more information flow and awareness to say yes to a cleaner environment.

Hülya Çuman Cicerali

Financial Manager

Team spirit cannot be bought with money. In order to achieve this chemistry in a team, it takes a guild that excites the players.

Yakup Bulut

Project Assistant

Getting together was the beginning, standing together for a cleaner environment and cleaner black sea basin is progress, working together is success.

ICSRPA- Gerogia

Elene Chkheidze

Project Manager

I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best.

Manana Kalatozishvili

Financial Manager

Ana Tchitchiveishvili

Project Assistant

Elena Galashevskaia

IT Specialist

Detail-focused and result-oriented IT professional with extensive knowledge in troubleshooting IT-related issues and effective training skills. Dedicated, organized and self-directed team player.

Dimitri Jaliashvili

Campaign and PR Specialist

I am an excellent communicator. I pride myself on making sure people have the right information because it drives better results. Giving audience right messages about Spirit BSB project is the way to success of the project.